Top 10 Handy Video Editing Software For Youtubers

Video has become an essential part of everyday life. People record videos using multiple devices, even smartphones, upload them to YouTube and share them on Facebook. For Youtubers, video editing software is a tool to work for their money.

The best video editing software is those with full tools to help you fine-tune your videos. Here are the top 10 handy video editing software for youtubers.

1. Lightworks

If you are looking for professional video editing software try Lightworks. This tool is almost 30 years old, going back to 1989, and is used to edit many professional movies you may have seen like Pulp Fiction and Braveheart

This is a non-linear editor, which means it’s not based on a simple timeline as other editors do. That makes advanced editing easier but will be confusing for beginners. You can add tons of effects and Multicam editing with Lightworks.

In addition to providing users with the same basic functions as other video editing software, Lightworks also provides some additional features such as effects, titles, transitions, and color correction. Whether you’re a pro or just starting, Lightworks is sure to meet your video editing needs. However, the free version limits the output resolution to 720p. To upgrade the video quality, you can pay for the application. There are many coupon codes on holidays like Halloween, which is a perfect occasion for you to own this wonderful software.

2. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express’s main page emphasizes that it is “the most powerful free video editing VFX software to date”, it certainly does not disappoint. The software has a lot of beautiful examples for you to choose from directly on its website.

In addition to providing a great interface for video editing, it also offers loads of free video tutorials and visual effects capabilities by default. Features like color correction, clipping, and VFX are new features in HitFilm Express 2017. HitFilm Express is constantly updated to provide users with new features.

3. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a free but very professional video editing software. This means it will take you as much time to practice and learn its features as any other professional video editor. And once you get used to it, you’ll never need another video editor again.

One of DaVinci’s best features is color correction. It allows you to output to SD, HD, and Ultra HD formats. While the Studio versions are designed for professional production, the lite version offers more functionality to the satisfaction of novices.

4. Shotcut

Shotcut is designed for amateur video editors or those who need to edit short clips to create a final product. Editing operations with it are very easily such as dragging and dropping clips, editing by cutting and adding transition effects.

If you don’t require a professional video editor, but instead want to combine short clips with transition effects, this software is exactly what you need. Moreover, the software is very light so it’s not “picky” on computers, you don’t need high-spec computers to use it.

5. Avidemux

Avidemux is a free and open-source video editor also available for Linux and Mac OS X. The software was released a few years ago and has been updated continuously.

The software is a mid-level video editor not as advanced as Lightworks and not as basic as Windows Movie Maker. It supports non-linear editing, you can add subtitles, and the software’s file format allows users to save all the settings related to the project, which can then be applied again to another project. . The software reads and exports the most popular video and audio formats except WMV and QuickTime.

6. VSDC Free Video Editor

This video editing software is another option for those who want a “semi-professional” option without paying a professional price. As a non-linear video editor, VSDC allows the use of advanced editing techniques. The software also supports a variety of video and audio effects such as color correction, blur reduction, and volume adjustment.

VSDC’s basic interface is easier to grasp than Lightworks, thanks to a user interface that mimics Microsoft’s ribbon interface. One great thing to enhance the free version of VSDC is that it supports 1080p video output at 30 FPP. Its installer is also quite compact, weighing only 37MB.

7. Blender

Blender is 3D video editing software, not 2D. Its interface is quite complex and Blender is not typical video editing software, but aside from its ability to create a short movie, it can create, edit 3D animations.

8. Pinnacle Studio

Paying will get you great video editing software. With an attractive interface, tons of visual effects, and the ability to upload directly to Facebook and YouTube, Pinnacle Studio has long been one of many favorite applications in video editing. But it’s one of the pricier options, and it doesn’t have UHD 4K support, which Pinnacle caters for. It has not achieved professional status yet.

Price: 114.99 USD

9. Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Suite users will immediately recognize this familiar setting. Version 11 of Adobe Premiere Elements comes with new effects, such as cinematic FilmLooks, slow motion, and acceleration. The best feature element of the Adobe professional edition is the Premiere Pro software, which makes them simple and user-friendly.

Users also have the ability to share videos with Vimeo, meaning your masterpiece is just a click away from a huge online audience.

Price: 99.99 USD

10. Final Cut Pro X

Apple’s video editing software boasts faster performance, a user-friendly interface, can audition for other clips, good organization tools, powerful new machine support, and support for Thunderbolt as well. and output monitor studio.

While you can’t import projects from previous versions of Final Cut without third-party plugins, this new software is a consumer-friendly upgrade to a professional-level Mac editor. With the price of 299.99 USD, you can completely use more discount codes, coupons for Final Cut Pro X during special holidays to enjoy better prices.


Above is an article about the top 10 handy video editing software for youtubers. Hope the above article has helped you choose video editing software for yourself to be able to make creative products. Good luck.