Most Common Excuses Addicts Give to Avoid Treatment

When someone is under the influence of alcohol or drug addiction, it is not easy for them to decide whether to go to rehab as it is very personal. If you are watching someone in your family dealing with substance abuse, they may have different excuses for not going to rehab centres.  

The struggle for some people is real when dealing with addiction. Substance abuse can cost you your family, social life, job, relationship, and of course, your health. In most cases, it feels like there is no way out and no rehab can get you back to normal. 

A huge population in India is struggling hard with substance abuse problems. Along with causing a fuss in your life, alcohol or drug abuse can also take you away from friends, family and loved ones. 

Even though the addicted person is in denial mode, the key here is to get him or her ready to go to a rehabilitation centre in Mumbai. There are several rehab centers where professionals help break the denial of addicted people and even encourage them to hit the road to complete recovery. 

Here are some of the common excuses your addicted family member might have – 

1. I Can Quit on my Own. I don’t need any Treatment

People who are completely indulged in alcohol or drugs used to feel that they are completely normal. It doesn’t matter what their loved ones or friends think about them and how much they worry about their condition. At the end, they assume that they can easily stop smoking or drinking whenever they want.

It is rather a very common excuse from people who have already tried several attempts and failed. They don’t even realize what mental and physical disorders they have.

2. At Least my Condition is Better than Others.

A lot of addicts usually have other addicted people in their friend circle. Hence, they are used to comparing their situation to their friends who already have had health problems and legal issues due to their addiction. This way, they feel better pointing fingers at their friends who may or may not be in worse condition. It does nothing but increases dependency. They also deny observing their own behavior and feelings. 

3. It’s Too Expensive 

You may find a lot of rehab centers in your city which have multi-disciplinary staff for providing dual diagnosis and detox treatment for addiction and mental health problems. Of course these rehab programs seem expensive and overwhelming.

But you should look at the bigger picture. It can cost their health and whole life if they don’t get timely care and treatment. You also can’t see someone in your life in such pain and trouble. It doesn’t mean all rehab programs should be expensive. You can choose an alcohol rehabilitation centre which offers personalized care and treatment without pressurizing your budget.

4. I Don’t want my Colleagues to Know. It’s Too Embarrassing!

If someone is hiding something from their friends, loved ones or even from people they know closely, it is not difficult to catch them. Even though his colleague doesn’t know about his problem, there is nothing wrong being open and getting treatment. It can save him from further damage he can bear in the long term due to untreated addiction.

In many cases, employees have fear that they might be fired if their company or boss knows about their addiction.

5. Even if I Managed to Stop Using Drugs, Stress and Depression Won’t Spare me

Most people with substance addiction try to treat their stress, anxiety and depression by taking medications on their own. This kind of coping behavior is so overwhelming that they won’t accept that they can get away with it. In reality, there is a cure for both mental health disorders and substance abuse. Rehab centers provide a lot of therapies and approaches like group sessions, CBT, yoga, meditation and 1-on-1 counseling to deal with certain triggers responsible for relapse and mental health issues.

6. Many Friends I know have been Relapsed and Abusing Alcohol and Drugs Even More. See, Nothing Happened!

One thing they don’t know relapsing is the part of the process. It is not the failure or end of any rehab program. There are many chronic illnesses like diabetes and cancer that have chances of relapse. Does it mean the treatment was not effective? In some cases, relapse may occur during the process of recovery. A lot of drug rehab providers offer relapse prevention therapy to cut down on the risk of relapse. 

The Takeaway 

So these were some of the most widely used excuses from addicts who always deny going for treatment. But the list is not limited to the above consequences. In fact, addiction is the only health condition that you mostly deny. It is the condition which alters the whole system of your brain and adversely affects your rational behavior. So, there are reasons why they are used to assume that they are fine. In case of substance abuse, the person loses his ability to observe the situation around them and even don’t think about people around them. 
If you know someone who may have the same problems as discussed above, don’t wait and talk to the rehab centre.