Martin Sanders Discusses the Importance of Taking Care of the Health at a Young Age

Young people often think that they are invincible and nothing can even ever harm them, including ill health. But so is not the case. Medical conditions can strike anyone, especially if they do not maintain good health habits. Martin Sanders mentions that as people grow old, their chances of developing medical issues also increase. To make sure that they are able to be hale and hearty even as their age progresses, people should be proactive about taking care of their health right from a young age. All military personnel tend to be aware of the fact that no matter what they may face in the field, they would always have each other’s back when it counts the most.

For the majority of young people, taking care of their health and body is usually an afterthought. Most of them have quite a busy schedule, which makes it difficult for them to visit the gym regularly or follow a strict diet. A lot of them, in fact, follow quite an unhealthy diet that leaves them vulnerable to many medical conditions and diseases. Martin Sanders says that such a way of thinking among young people would eventually hinder them from living their life to the fullest in the future. Many medical problems that one may face as they cross their 50s can, to an extent, be prevented if they provide more importance to staying healthy during their youth. Unlike typical doctors, medical practitioners working in the military do not stick to working at a single place. They may have to visit international medical centers and field camps, as well as participate actively in distinct international relief efforts

With age, the energy level one may have also depletes. However, people who tend to follow healthy habits from a young age, are likely to be quite energetic even as they reach their 50s. As people try to lead a healthy life, they would feel active all the time with plenty of energy to do more activities. They shall always feel refreshed, even if they have to engage in physically tiring activities. Over the years, Martin Lloyd Sanders has met a number of military personnel, and acquired a good insight on their way of working. This has helped him to understand the importance of medical professionals in the military. He mentions that military doctors play a vital role in well being and good health of the soldiers, and ensure that they are fit for duty. Military doctors and other medical professionals may work at the military base or at the base.

Martin Sanders underlines that to try and stay healthy right from their youth; people must take certain simple steps, such as:

  • Exercise regularly: Even if one does not have enough time to visit the gym every day, they can easily carry out simple workout routines at their home itself. Making small changes in the daily routine, such as taking stairs instead of the elevator and walking down to the office, can be quite effective in staying healthy. Proper exercise would enhance the health of muscles and joints, increase flexibility, improve heart health, and reduce the risk of developing major diseases later in life.
  • Eating well: Eating healthy does not mean that people must start going on a salad diet from a youth age itself. Cutting down on fatty food and trying to eat balanced meals would be enough to stay fit. People should especially try to incorporate plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in their meals from a young age to improve their health. Nutritious meals would help in keeping their body strong, nourished and capable enough to fight off diseases.

As mentioned by Martin Sanders it is way easier to start a healthy lifestyle while one is still young than doing it when they older.