How Vietnamese Translation Can Boost Your Business

In today’s increasingly global marketplace, the need for professional translation cannot be overstated. So many of the things we rely on for communication within our businesses and to reach out to consumers rely, in turn, on text. If that text isn’t in a language that both we and our consumers can understand and utilize, it isn’t worth much to either party!

However, limiting yourself and your business to areas where the target market speaks the language that your company’s owners and operators do isn’t necessary. These days, you can expand into regions where the languages are entirely different – as long as you have the tools to help you do so. 

One of these tools is professional-quality translation. It is essential to the international expansion and growth of any modern business. This is especially true if you are an English speaker looking to expand into areas where the language and culture are completely different, such as into the booming business mecca that is Hanoi, Vietnam. This is a smart choice in terms of where to try to expand your business, but having translation in your business tool belt is more essential here than almost anywhere else. 

Why Consider Vietnam for Business Expansion? 

Hanoi in Vietnam is an excellent choice when attempting to expand your business internationally. Why? Because the city is well known for being a hotspot of culture, including fashion, cuisine, and shopping. 

People come to Hanoi to indulge in these aspects of the local culture. They come with their wallets out, ready to engage with the local businesses and the interesting products and services available. If you want to move your business across borders, this and several other major Vietnamese cities are a great place to start. They provide a ready-made target audience that is more likely to invest with your brand than nearly any other. Having qualified vietnamese translators on your side can help you tap into this business opportunity.

Why Work With a Translator When Expanding Internationally? 

Many people believe that if they just rely on the rudimentary translations offered by today’s popular mobile apps and websites, they will have all the tools they need to conduct business overseas and across borders. This is simply not true. To interact with your new consumer base and achieve your business expansion goals, it is imperative that you work with a real, human translator offering professional-grade services. 

Here are just a few of the many reasons why English to Vietnamese translators should be one of the first investments your company makes during your expansion:

Expanding Your Market Reach 

One of the first and most obvious advantages of working with a professional translator is opening up new markets worldwide. When you can effectively communicate with the consumers in these areas, you can offer them the goods and services they’re looking for. Even just expanding into one international market can double your audience. 

Communicating Effectively with Consumers

Speaking of effective communication, providing that hinges on having the language tools necessary to effectively translate text. From marketing materials to customer communication emails and instant messages, there is no shortage of text that will need translating. Ensuring that it is done accurately makes communication more effective and helps your marketing dollar stretch in a new market. 

Avoiding Embarrassing Mistakes 

Many people think that direct translation of words will yield the right message for consumers in new markets, but that isn’t always the case. For example, when the popular American fast-food chain KFC tried to translate their famous slogan into Chinese, they ended up with a tagline that told consumers to “eat your own fingers”. That probably didn’t convince anyone to buy fried chicken! 

This is why it’s important to partner with a local, human translator when possible. They can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes that could set back your business – mistakes your team might not recognize on their own until it’s too late. 

Providing Better Service 

Customer service is one of the most important products your company can offer. To render successful service, you need to communicate in the correct language. Thankfully, translation makes that possible. You and your team don’t have to be able to speak Vietnamese. You just need translators to convert customer and agent communications back and forth accurately, and you’re well on your way to providing great service. 

Improving Brand Perception and Building Trust 

What your customers think of your company is just as important as the actual products and services you provide. To create brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, it is important to first foster recognition, positive perception, and trust. These are all foundational to your company’s success in a new marketplace – and all require accurate text translation to yield. 

Improving Your Conversion Rate and Satisfying More Customers 

Business is about conversion. No matter what you sell, you want to turn every interested consumer into a satisfied, paying customer. While netting every single one isn’t possible, the higher your conversion rate, the healthier your bottom line. And nothing helps to boost your conversion rate like meeting consumers where they are and offering text communications in their native language. 

There is so much that partnering with a professional translator can do to benefit your business. Talk to a translator or translation agency today about your plans to expand into the Vietnamese market and begin making your plans for a smooth transition. You’ll find that it’s easier and much more profitable than you ever expected – as long as you have the right tools on your side!