How to Use Essential Oil?

We have often heard of essential oils. These oils are nothing but extracts of the plants and plant materials that are concentrated and are used for ingestion and application on our skin and body for numerous benefits.

Uses of Essential Oils across Industries

The essential oils have been used since times immemorial and have been known to be of endless benefits for our body and mind. Many pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic products brands, and scent manufacturing companies have been using the essential oils in varied products.

Where and how are Essential Oils used?

Essential oils are extracted from the leaves, flowers, and stems of the plants. Their uses vary from oil to oil. Inhalation is the most common method of using essential oils. This is done because of their amazing scent and therapeutic properties. They are also often used as diffusers and humidifiers. Along with these, they are also used after being diluting with another carrier oil to be ready to be applied on our skin. Such a massage with a carrier oil that contains essential oils is known to have many benefits on our body and mind.

Along with their medicinal and therapeutic properties, the essential oils are also known to possess antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties that help them to be inseparable products and primary constituents in our medicine cabinets.

Here we will be going through the various ways in which the essential oils can be used safely that will help us get the maximum benefits out of them.

Using Essential Oils with a Diffuser

A diffuser is such a device that helps the essential oils disperse into the air. Numerous diffusers are used commonly to release the essential oils in the appropriate way. Some common kinds of diffusers are:

  1. Ceramic diffusers
  2. Electric diffusers
  3. Candle diffusers
  4. Diffusers of lamp rings
  5. Reed diffusers
  6. Ultrasonic diffusers

Simple Inhalation Method

Inhalation is the most common and one of the most simple ways in which essential oils are used. This process is also one of the oldest processes to absorb essential oils in our systems. This can be performed by opening a bottle of essential oil and inhaling it deeply for a few times. However, we need to be careful that not a drop of such an oil touches our bare skin.

You can also inhale the oil with the steam. This is done with boiling water, which is just out of your stove or heater. You need to collect it in a bowl and put a few drops of essential oil in it. Then, you need to take a towel and cover, keep it in between your head and the bowl and inhale it deeply without the steam getting dispersed.

Dry Evaporation Method

Dry evaporation method is one of the dry methods to use essential oils. A cotton ball or fabric is needed in this method.

Here you need to take a cotton ball or a piece of fabric and then add a few drops of essential oil to the material. Then, you need to hold this in front of your nose and inhale it. You can also allow the scent to disperse naturally. Additionally, you can also add the material to the vent of your car, your shirt collar, or your pillowcase.

Using it on Our Skin

Essential oils have been extensively applied on our skin and in various forms of massages all around the globe. Mixed with a carrier oil these essential oils become really effective to leave our body toned and our mind refreshed.

In case you have muscular pain, issues of tightness, and of tension, then this combination is recommended at the earliest. Rubbing this mixture of oils on your pressure points like your temples, wrists, and the third eye is also pretty effective. Massaging a mixture of essential oils on your feet and around your nose area is also regarded as very effective and it will help us in many ways.

Essential oils are also largely used in cosmetic products like serums toners, serums, and muscle rubs. However, if your plan to use essential oils at your homes, then it is important to dilute them first before applying them.

When using essential oils or dealing with them we need to be aware that they don’t get easily accessible to children and pets or used by pregnant or lactating women.