Internet Marketing

How to Make the PPC Campaign Successful

PPC is picking lot of craze in the advertising field. Everyone is well known about the benefits of PPC and how it can increase the customer base of the business. But before indulging in PPC campaign the knowledge is required that how optimize you can use the funds. PPC campaign is run with the aim to achieve the target of the organization. In this article, you will get the deep knowledge about the working of the PPC campaign.

Role of Bidding

Adwords is not based on auction system. The higher you bid the higher position you will get. Bidding is not the sole method to identify the rank of the ad. Google also determines the quality score of the ad. Bidding is some kind important when the quality score would be the similar then bidding is the deciding factor.

Appearance of the Ad on Result Page

The ad would get visible when the user hits the query on the search engine. So, the keyword which consist in the query that results in appearance of the ad. The Adwords are based on the keywords you choose and how much you bid on it. So, selection of the keyword is very important. This is because when the user clicks the ad then organization is liable to pay to the Google. It would be very costly if the organization gets the click from the uninterested user. So, keywords selection is important task. In this there are four ways of keyword match namely exact match, phrase match, broad match and modified match.

Changes in the Position of the Ad

The position on result page is not constant throughout the day. If you see your ad on number one position in the morning then it is not definite that your ad will show on the first position in the day as well. The market is full of competitors. They may run the ad on the specific time of the ad. On which they have the opinion of rise in traffic on certain time period. For example- people will search for lunch in the restaurant in the day time. At that time you will see your competitors raise their bid and grab the first position. So, the position keeps fluctuate in the entire day.

Billing Concept in Adwords

There are two ways of billing in Adwords. First one is pre pay and second one is post pay.

In the post pay, companies are required to pay at the end of the month. In this, organization keeps in tension free mode and run the ad without thinking the money is going to finish in their account.

In the pre pay, company deposits some money into their account and Google deducts it accordingly how much they get the click. Here, company has to run the ad keeping in mind that there money would not get short and their ad may stop in the middle.

Importance of Impressions

Impressions are the number of times your website is visible o the result page no matter it is get clicked or not. Counting of impressions is very important. If the company gets high number of impressions then it will be negative for the company and they have to pay higher on per clicks. So, the impressions can be turned out costlier for the company. Company have to be particular about the ad campaign that its impact may get worsen the situation.