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How to Know Who Checked your Profile on Facebook

Facebook doesn’t have a component that shows clients who have seen their profile utilizing the Facebook application or site. In any case, since this inquiry is posed so regularly, misleading content and phony pages exist that guarantee it’s conceivable by following a progression of steps or downloading an application.

The sites or websites making these cases are deluding clients to get guests or help spread spyware or other malware. The accompanying areas contain data to help clear up confusions on the most proficient method to check whether somebody is taking a gander at your profile. In some cases if you face issues on facebook then contact facebook customer service to help you in finding the solutions for your issues.

You can see who’s taken a look at your profile through the source code

No, you can’t. Various posts guarantee you can show who’s seen your profile in the source code, by searching for a catchphrase (e.g., InitialChatFriendsList) to recognize clients by looking into their Facebook ID. These Facebook IDs are identified with your Facebook companions and don’t mean they’ve seen your Facebook profile, just that they are important for your companions.

I can tell somebody saw my profile since they react a post

At the point when you make a post or offer something on Facebook, it might appear in your companion’s course of events, contingent upon Facebook’s calculation. While they may have seen that post, that doesn’t mean they saw your Facebook profile. It’s almost certain they saw it through the course of events since that is the means by which the vast majority uses Facebook.

In the event that the Facebook calculation didn’t show your post on your companion’s timetable, at that point they saw the post through your profile. In any case, its absolutely impossible to understand what the Facebook calculation does or doesn’t show on somebody’s timetable.

It’s conceivable on the off chance that you utilize a unique browser extension

No. A program expansion or extra has the very admittance to Facebook that you do. Besides, it can’t utilize an extraordinary technique to discover data that doesn’t exist. Any program augmentation, add-on, or other programming that expects you to download something professing to have this capacity is likely spyware or in any case malignant.


Facebook inquires as to whether you discover a program augmentation, add-on, or other download that professes to have this capacity to report it, so it very well may be eliminated.

I can utilize uncommon JavaScript code to show who has seen my page

There are a few posts containing JavaScript code that guarantee it can show who has seen your Facebook profile. For the couple of code models that run, everything they’re doing is taking a gander at the source code of your profile and snatching any discovered Facebook IDs. As referenced already, these IDs are those of companions who might possibly have seen your profile.

I track watchers utilizing a connect to another site or video

In the event that one of your companions opens a connection to another site or video you shared, it may very well be conceivable to follow them through another site. In any case, this actually doesn’t advise you on the off chance that they saw your profile, since it’s more probable they saw the post in their course of events and not through your profile.

Is there any valid reason why facebook won’t allow you to see who sees your profile?

Other long range interpersonal communication destinations like LinkedIn can show you who has seen your profile. Notwithstanding, as we expressed above, Facebook doesn’t. They’ve never formally referenced why, yet it’s conceivable Facebook would see less client commitment since clients will in general be more mindful about their activities when they realize they’re being followed. Less snaps would bring about less traffic and promotion income.