How to Handle Slow Downloads on Your Phone?

Given the current scenario, advanced technology has accelerated our lives for the better. It made it easier by bringing everything at our fingertips. Despite such advancement, there are glitches that we often face such as slow download/upload speed. It could be a more common occurrence for some people leading to frustration. Let’s say, you’re watching a movie or a series and it keeps buffering, it is irritating when it happens frequently. In this blog, we have narrowed down the reasons for slow downloads and a solution that will solve this problem but many others.

Mobile data speeds are measured as the amount per second of data that your link can handle; megabits per second (Mbps) are the most common metric. Downloading your data from the Web to your system and uploading transfers data to a particular server (or “cache” of servers) on the Network from your system. The data goes in two ways: Downloading photos, hearing music and reading documents on your tablet are all common factors. Video phones can be executed, images posted on a site like Instagram or online games require quick upload speeds.

Data Plan:

Service providers offer a wide array of plans under prepaid and postpaid. The latter enjoy unlimited data with good speed. Whereas with prepaid users, there is usually a cap on data usage and the speed is an issue that users face. It can be rectified by upgrading to the plan. If you’re ready to drain more money then this solution can save frustration.


Sometimes it’s not your network’s fault, certain websites would be not able to manage the traffic due to various reasons such as poor optimization. It can make you doubt your network connection.

Suspicious Activity :

Cyber attacks are on the rise and your online information is at risk. Having said that, this is another problem with advanced technology. With everything online, the threat has become more harmful. Unnecessary ads on the device while operating it could be a reason for slower download and upload speed. It’s required to proceed with caution. Downloading a malware protection software would be helpful.

Outdated Device

The technology is evolving rapidly these days and the mobile phones have undergone massive development in the past few years. Every few months there is a new model that can make you feel obsolete with your current mobile phone. However, some people use old, outdated phones and these lack storage space. Data speed is also limited due to the build and it isn’t compatible with the latest technology. Sometimes the software update is not possible. Deleting apps can empty the storage but overall it is too much to juggle. It’s best to clear the running apps, the older generation is not aware of this and is afraid to try the new phones.

Deleting the Cache

Whenever we search for something online, there is a footprint left behind. The cache builds up with every website you visit and takes the space in your device, deterring you from conducting a simple task. That’s why it’s necessary to delete it from time to time.

Dead Zone

Depending upon the area, some service providers work better than the others. Getting a signal in dead is not possible without a facilitator that ensures you get the uninterrupted network connectivity all the time. 

These were the reasons for slow downloads. Let’s take a look at the solution.

Mobile Signal Booster

With the above-mentioned problems, temporary fixes won’t cut it. This is where a mobile signal booster comes into play. It is designed to fix the network connectivity and functions in dead zones. If you think living in densely populated areas, congestion is not all of your worries. Network connectivity is also an issue that might hinder daily activities. A mobile booster for home would put an end to all the problems.


When you install cell phone signal booster for home, it diminishes noise improving voice clarity. With uninterrupted data connectivity, battery life will not be compromised. This is one of the major reasons why someone changes their mobile phone. What’s more, these are compatible with all the service providers. Furthermore, it also ensures zero call drops making it easy to work not affecting productivity. It’s easy to install and the company sends personnel with proper equipment to safely install it. If required, some give free demo addressing your concerns regarding its usage and maintenance. When looking for a house in a new locality or trying to figure out the reason for the feeble network. Ensuring the house is synced with the network connectivity would help be much easier. If already living in a dead zone, installing a mobile signal booster would be the perfect solution.