How do you Ship a Dog on a Plane?

Are you moving with your family to a new place and worried about how to transport your pet?

It’s not the only reason that makes pet owners transport their pets. In the process, the prime concern is about the pets’ safety and comfort. Face it; keeping the pets in the same environment is somehow tricky while traveling. 

In case someone is moving within the country, they can arrange a good ground pet transportation service. On the other hand, if you plan to ship your pet internationally, you need to contact the airline pet transportation services. Before planning to ship a dog, take your time first to understand the procedures and costs included in it.

Process of Shipping a Dog Safely by Air

There are some of the necessary procedures to understand when it comes to relocating a dog by plane.

  • Learn about the rules and regulations involved like vaccine requirements or anything else.
  • Measure the size of your pet and select an appropriate airline-approved travel crate. You must train your dog if it is not habitual of spending time in a travel crate.
  • Search for a pet friendly airline whenever you are planning for transporting your dog. Mind that not all airlines are entirely dedicated to the safe transport of pets. For this, you need to spend some time doing research and make an accurate choice.
  • Come in contact with your friends or family members who have already experienced such kinds of services. The foremost thing is that do not forget to take professional assistance for such work.

How much you have to spend while shipping a Dog?

Different airlines charge as per their norms and raise the accurate quote likewise. Throughout the process, there are some standard items included in the overall cost.

  • Airfare.
  • Pre-move vet visits.
  • Government endorsements.
  • Quarantine fees.
  • Travel crate.
  • Transportation to and from the airport.
  • Import permits and international health documents.
  • Custom fees.

Every item has a different cost to clear all kinds of confusion.

Factors Affecting the Shipping of Dog by Air

Here, we are mentioning some of the factors responsible for affecting the process of shipping the dog. Being a pet owner, you should read out and be clear about them.

  • The Pet Size

It has been seen that the cost of a ticket depends on the size of the dog crate. Depending on the dog’s size, it is decided how much space it is going to take in cargo and how much it will cost.

  • The Destination

You have to enter the destination that also helps in deciding the cost of shipping. The cost will be higher when the trip includes multiple flights. On the other hand, if you are moving to some smaller towns, then there is a requirement of a drive.

  • Take the Permits

A permit is required at the time when there is international shipping included. This is so because the new country asks for formal permission from the government. It requires you to pay some extra expenses.

  • The Requirement of Healthcare Certificates

Of course, the official health paperwork should be up-to-date from the vet’s office. In some cases, the owners are asked for documents certified by a government body.  

  • Doing Airport Check-in

The check-in process includes a few hours, and hence, the specialized assistance is needed to complete the paperwork.

  • Taking Custom Clearance

After landing in the destined place, the entry procedures require some more time and tariffs, taxes, or customs fees after landing in the destined place.  

Is there any requirement of a Pet Transporter?

During the whole procedure, you might go through some kinds of challenges while shipping a dog. Therefore, here comes the role of pet transporter who will take care of your pets while shipping them by air. With their assistance, your pet is ready to depart the airport, complete the check-in process, and pick up the pet safely at the arrival. You also don’t have to stress the veterinary certificates and other paperwork to be presented at air cargo officials.

From picking up to dropping off, you can completely rely on the pet transportation companies. They will make all the arrangements when it comes to shipping pets from one place to another via plane. Just do a little research by surfing the internet and select the trusted pet transporters on whom you can completely rely. Note that your pets will be completely safe and comfortable throughout the shipping process if you are taking their services.