The experience of war or fear can have devastating effects on the human brain and can last a lifetime. These experiences are usually diagnosed as PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. Although PTSD is usually associated with military personnel, it can happen to anyone who encounters or watches traumatic events (such as violent attacks or natural disasters). These events can evoke very vivid memories, as well as sad thoughts and reactions. These emotions and reactions may cause problems in daily life.

Even with other forms of conventional treatments, including individual treatments or group treatments, PTSD and confusion can lead to more complicated side effects. Depression and anxiety are the most common, as are panic attacks and lack of sleep. Some patients suffer from nightmares. Many people experience emotional changes, such as despair, prejudice and even anger. Patients may also experience hypersensitivity reactions, which may worsen other symptoms and cause delusions. For more details contact us by clicking here emdr behandlung For those who have suffered some kind of injury or PTSD, EMDR treatment may be the most effective way to solve these problems.


EMDR or optical motion monitoring and reconstruction were developed by Dr. Dr. Francine Shapiro in the late 1980s. During treatment, patients are instructed to guide eye movements in a specific way, recall target memories or reflect on their traumatic experiences. Depression allows us to remember negative experiences less and less over time. Finally, the patient must be able to remember or discuss the event without receiving a response that leads to a weak response. Studies have shown that EMDR treatment is very effective for patients who have experienced electric shocks or PTSD. Many patients will benefit immediately, and most patients have not reported recurrence of symptoms after several months of treatment.


Although each situation is unique, most EMDR treatment plans include eight different stages, covering an average of 12 courses. In the first stage, the therapist will review the patient’s medical history and evaluate his or her progress in the plan. In the next stage, adaptive technology will be discussed and used to help patients relax during the recovery process. In the third stage, the therapist will determine the memories or thoughts targeted during the EMDR treatment in Utah and observe the different reactions that the patient may show when reminding each person.

The actual treatment plan occurs in stages 4 to 7, when the therapist instructs the patient to perform specific eye movements while improving trauma memory. If the patient becomes very depressed during the operation, the therapist will help him reach a calm and safe state before proceeding with the treatment. After completing each targeted exercise, the therapist will get information about the patient about his or her thoughts and feelings. In the eighth stage, patients and therapists will assess the progress made during EMDR treatment to take the next step towards a successful recovery.


A number of studies have shown that eye movement and rehabilitation are very effective for PTSD patients, and some studies have shown that the maximum success rate is 77%. Due to many positive results, it has become one of the most recommended treatment options for former military personnel of the Department of Veterans Affairs. (emdr behandlung) People with PTSD usually receive EMDR treatment (including nightmares, anxiety, hallucinations, and depression) in Utah for long-term reduction or alleviation of various adverse effects.


Although injury and post-traumatic stress disorder are closely related, it is important to note the difference between the two. The problem is an individual event, usually the most recent event, while PTSD is the long-term result of a serious event or series of events. Once the loga he heals after the injury, EMDR treatment will help prevent the development of PTSD. This treatment plan may be very helpful for patients who have recently been injured.


For people with PTSD or previous trauma experience, it is important to enter EMDR treatment by understanding what is needed for treatment and what is needed. The patient is required to re-examine his injuries several times during the course of treatment. However, this should always be done under the careful supervision and support of many aspects. However, this process may bring mental and emotional stress to the patient, and may cause adverse reactions in the early stages of treatment. After the course of treatment, the severe concentration during treatment may be slightly greater. This can make the patient feel tired or have nightmares. (emdr behandlung) Although these side effects are sometimes debilitating, they are usually better than the side effects of treatment. Moreover, EMDR treatment usually provides long-term relief with good results.

Although there are many treatment options in Utah for patients undergoing EMDR treatment for trauma or PTSD, we can achieve significant positive results for many patients. If you or someone you know has symptoms due to trauma, EMDR treatment may be an effective solution. Talk to professionals and see if you can be an ideal candidate for this type of model. With the time and intentional treatment of well-trained experts, you can embark on the path of normal life through EMDR treatment.