Dr. Curtis Cripe on How Can Gardening Boost Your Mental Health?

The recent years have been quite challenging due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it is evident that mental health is undoubtedly not at its best for most people. The fears, lockdowns, insecurities, and more have only added to the woes. However, there are ways to give your mental health a boost, and one of the most productive ways to do so is to take up gardening. 

Dr. Curtis Cripe- why gardening, and how does it help you?

Dr. Curtis Cripe is a widely respected and famous specialist in bioengineering, neurodevelopment, psychohistory, and psychology from the USA. He travels across the world to deliver lectures on the above subjects. He is actively researching new developments in behavioral medicine and how to make it accessible to everyone. He currently heads the NTL Group in Scottsdale and, earlier to this, was in charge of The Crossroads. 

Ways via which gardening helps you mentally?

According to him, gardening is an effective way for you to deal with mental health issues. No matter how skilled you are in the art of gardening, there are excellent reasons for you to venture out into the garden and spend some quality time there to boost your mental health. 

The following are the key reasons why you should take up gardening for your mental health- 

  1. Nature- One of the most compelling reasons you take up gardening is that it makes you go out and stay with your heart. Those who visit close to nature are less stressed and have reduced anxiety rates. You are spending time with fresh air in a peaceful setting. Gardening is an effective way to go outside and spend a large part of your time in nature. 
  1. Frees the mind- Though gardening is not exciting, it is a thing that you can count on to free your mind from worries. It helps you stick to the present moment, and there is something that is very primitive when it comes to gardening that you will find yourself drawn to it. Caring for plants and flowers or even mowing the lawn has peace and joy. You tend to forget about the rest of your surroundings and the world effectively. 
  1. Physical health- There is a direct link between gardening and your physical health. You will be surprised to see the number of calories you can burn in the garden. There are several strength-building exercises that you can embrace, which come from the heavy tasks associated with gardening. Even if you are doing a simple chore like cleaning up, you will need to lift, bend and move things around far more than you would at home. 

According to Dr. Curtis Cripewhen you exercise, the body releases the “feel-good” chemicals called endorphins that make you happy. No matter how small your garden is, spending time in it every day is an effective way for you to boost your mental health with success!