Best Cafes You Must Explore In Delhi

Thinking about booking an Australia to Delhi flight? If yes, then you are on the right path to enjoying the greatest holiday ever. Food is an important part of India. Delhi being the capital of the country has some of the best food that you can try out. As Delhi is the melting pot of the country where people from across India and the world come together, you can find all kinds of food here. From authentic Indian cuisine to continental and East Asian, the food options available in the city will blow your mind.

Finding direct flights to New Delhi is a great place to start your food journey. The flights to Delhi you book will take you to a world of flavors and spices. But, if you think that choosing the places you want to try in Delhi will be easy, then think again. The options for cafes in Delhi are endless. Booking your flights to New Delhi is only the beginning, and you need to do much else before you can finally make the choice. To help you pick out the top cafes in the city, this list can help out. Here we have listed all the cafes that should definitely be on your list when flying from Australia to Delhi.

  • Coast Cafe: Hauz Khas Village is a popular spot amongst the youngsters in the city to hang out and try some new dishes. Amidst the cacophony of loud noises and the crowd, the Coast Cafe is a stunning spot with a gorgeous balcony seating area. The food at this cafe is just as good as the ambiance, and you will surely love the time that you will spend here with your family or friends.
  • Blue Tokai: If coffee is your choice of poison, then there is no better place than Blue Tokai in the whole city. Blue Tokai has also become a famous coffee brand in India, and the cafe in Delhi is a fantastic place to hang out while sipping a delicious cup of cortado. Although the coffee here is the selling point of the cafe, you surely won’t be disappointed by the food either.
  • Cravity: Another hip spot to check out when you book cheap flights to Delhi is Cravity. Located somewhere in the middle of the madness of Hauz Khas, this trendy food joint does a killer minced lamb burger. Apart from their specialty, the other dishes listed on the menu will also impress you to a great extent. The popularity of this place has only been rising ever since it opened. Enjoying their shakes is another good idea.
  • Perch: Located in Khan Market, Perch hasn’t lost its touch ever since it opened. Their Vietnamese Iced Coffee is refreshing and a treat for your taste buds. The artisanal cocktails they serve are not just pretty, but also delectable. Everything on their menus is sure to appease your hunger and satisfy you like never before. Having a brunch here with your friends is a great way to spend your weekend. 
  • Triveni Terrace Cafe: This cafe offers a fabulous seating space on the terrace. On a good day, this is a superb place to sip a cup of coffee and read a book. It is an old-school coffee house with a simple menu that has mouth-watering food. Even though the food here is simple, you will not be disappointed as everything they offer packs a punch. Spending some time here is a must when you book cheap flights to DEL.
  • Cafe Tesu: This Essex Farms Cafe has become supremely popular from day one. Everything from the coffee to the food is excellent. Given that this place offers both indoor and outdoor seating, you can take your pick depending on the weather. This cafe has a relaxed vibe, and you can spend a lazy weekend hanging around here. If you are wondering, ‘where should I eat when I book my flight to New Delhi’, then this is your answer.
  • The Grammar Room: This is the perfect Brunch spot with spectacular outdoor seating to bask in the sunlight. This place has been gaining in popularity since 2018 when it opened its doors to customers. The Katsu sandwich here is the perfect way to start a lovely weekend.
  • Rose Cafe: If you want some stunning pictures for your Instagram feed, then you need to head over to Rose cafe. This place has pastel interiors that will match anyone’s aesthetic. The food here is just as great as the interiors. Reading a book here while enjoying a great drink from their menu is the perfect activity to occupy your afternoons. If you have opted for a plant-based lifestyle, then you will surely love their vegan menu.
  • Cafe Dori: People who have pets or are pet lovers, will surely like this place. Cafe Dori has a pet-friendly policy, and you can walk in here with your dog. The cafe has an open space and plenty of plants that give it a refreshing look. You just cannot miss the hipster vibe at this place, and the food they offer is just as great.
  • Cafe Lota: Cafe Lota is more of an icon of Delhi than just a cafe. Tucked away at the National Crafts Museum, this is the perfect place to check out some art and enjoy some good food with a cup of steaming coffee. Although it has been open for a while now, this place still enjoys the same level of popularity. This cafe will surely make you want to book your flights to Delhi today.

These cafes will increase your excitement and make you want to check Australia to Delhi flight status again and again, so you can reach Delhi as soon as possible. Apart from the delectable food, these cafes also have the perfect ambience to spend some quality time with your loved ones. After the landing of your flights in Delhi, you need to rush over to these cafes to enjoy a great meal.