A World of Confections and the Magic of Childhood

The land and cultures in India are filled with such magic and wonders, that those are pored in every aspect of the lives of people, from art and music to food. From the north to the south, and the east to the west, there are so many unique and variant forms of art and food, and that goes for one of the most important pursuits in an Indian’s lifetime, that is of sweets. With so many regions in this land, one can always find some unique form of sweet from almost every region, some lending to known sweets with their own unique identity. There have been many forms of baker’s confectionery for as long as we know, but what the sugar confectionery manufacturers bring to the table enhances that experience. With the advent of modernisation in India, many things may have changed but nothing changes for the land when it comes to sweets.

Candies are one of the most popular forms of sugar confectionery that probably exists on this planet. Even with humble beginnings, candies have conquered the world with the many variations that are on offer. But did anyone know that even the word ‘candy’ has its origin in India? India has been known for many things around the world, from contributing to culture and music to the sciences. So here is a fact for those with a sweet tooth. Around two and a half thousand years ago people in India had developed the technology to make sugar crystals, and these crystals were called ‘khand’. The creation of these sugar crystals is what drove the invention of a whole world of confectionery. Indians have been progressing in many fields and are anything but stagnating. The same goes for the candy manufacturers who have been reinventing ways to present candies, in flavours and designs.

The sweet and creamy world of candies and other sugar confections exist only for children after all. For an adult, these sweets may mean to be an unnecessary distraction, but a child revels in the different tastes and forms these come in. To think that the packaging of a fruity jelly might affect how a kid enjoys it because as a kid a fruity jelly packaged as a dinosaur would take many to an adventure itself. This shows the simple world of a child and how even a different form that a confection is presented in can change how a child responds to it.

As a parent, it could, of course, feel like a nightmare to choose from something as simple as a jelly, while also being concerned about the health of a child. This is a good reason to only choose safe and vegetarian confections from brands like Mahak which is also one of the best jelly manufacturers in Delhi who offers the best mint chocolate candy. It is both interesting and amusing how even when so many forms of candy may taste quite similar, children are easily pleased. That is good news for parents though, unlike adults the kids won’t have to sit at a restaurant and muse over the many different kinds of food they want to choose from. Although, it shouldn’t be as surprising to expect children to stand inside a candy store and get lost in thoughts over which confections to go for.

Children are such a bundle of innocence. Somewhere along the way people grow up and forget about the simple gestures and fun they shared as children with others. The simplicity in the joy of sharing chocolates and candies with friends and cousins seem like another life. Kids truly have all the fun. There are so many kinds of sugar confections out there for them. So many varieties of toffees, that they can have.

In fact, some of the best toffee for birthday and parties come in some fun varieties. Most popular of all toffee perhaps is the eclairs. While true these are for kids, but only an adult can appreciate the intricacies of an eclairs toffee. It is grownups that know patience more than kids, and the creamy or the chocolaty filling that usually exists inside an eclairs is the just reward for all that hard chewing, something which perhaps a child would not appreciate or understand. So, it should well be understood that not all of these are for kids, and it is alright if the grown-ups join in. Toffees are perhaps the only confectionery that people of most ages can get into.

But enough about that chewy test of patience. The coolest kids could always be either seen chewing a gum or sporting a lollipops. Yes lollipops, while these do come in as many flavours as most candies do, no candy can ever sport the colours like these do. Lollipops aren’t just something to taste, those are temporary accessories for kids to show off. The crazy number of shapes and sizes these lollipops come in may as well be made just to be displayed in a case.

With so many kinds of sugar made confections out there can give parents quite a worry, but why to worry? Parents often fear that their children should not be having chocolates, candies, or toffees because of health concerns, there are even toffees that contain organic and safe to eat ingredients. In fact, some of the most fun to have sugar confections are made by Mahak, which is one of the best brands in India. There are so many great brands to choose from, even with Indian products in mind.

With all that being said, parents should not worry so much about their children. They will have their fun and enjoyment, and will be entertained by the shapes of jellies and tastes of candies. The chewiness of toffees will keep them distracted for long enough to keep them from running around and getting into messes. Children will always love sweets, and there is nothing wrong with that, especially when there are so many healthy choices to select from. Live and let live, right?