4 Things to Think About for Designing Custom Biker Club Patches

Customized Patches gives your biker club a unique identity and ups the style quotient of your gang. For many decades, we have seen biker club’s sporting some cool patches over their leather jackets that makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

A part of this tradition comes from the other traditions of wearing customized patches. Nonetheless, the custom of wearing patches is quite popular among biker clubs. This is why the demand for custom biker club patches have gone up in recent years.

If you are a member of such a club and want to design some cool and unique looking custom patches then we can help you out in that. Below we have listed some crucial elements to think about for designing best customized biker club patches.

1. The Artwork must be Relevant with your Club’s Motto

Here’s a great way to make your biker club patches look attractive – focus on the artwork. The artwork design is the central focus point and hence, must be something appealing. But what many individuals make the mistake is that they go out of context when designing the artwork.

You got to stick with your Biker Club’s motto. Think about what represents your club and what difference your club wants to make in the society. After all, in today’s day many biker clubs are formed in order to support social causes and help the local communities.

Your artwork must be relevant to your club’s motto. This gives a great personalized appeal to the patches.

2. Colors Must Be Wisely Chosen

The colors you choose for your customized patches are of great importance. You have to keep in mind that you cannot either overdo or understate when it comes to choosing the colors for your custom design patches.

While it is okay to choose bright colors for designing biker club patches but then again don’t make the mistake of picking too many colors. Stick to 2 to 3 colors as choosing more than that may make your patches look chaotic and messy.

So, keep in mind to choose the colors wisely for a great looking custom biker club patch.

3. Suitable Pick for the Type of Patch

There are different types of patches that you are offered to choose from when designing customized patches. Since these are Biker Club patches, we are talking about then you must know that not every type of patch will work out.

The modernized type of patches like Digital Printed Patches would not look good as they look too formal for a Biker’s gang. The woven patches again would look odd when you wear them over your jacket. The best type of patch for Biker’s Club is the embroidered patches that gives you a perfect look and goes with the image.

Embroidered patches give a raised look with its twill base and are affordable as well. So, you can place your order for embroidered patches in bulk for your entire gang to wear them.

4. The Shape of the Patch can make all the Difference

Now, the classic patch shape might be a circular one but when it comes to biker club patches you can think a little out of the box. The patch makers of today’s state-of-the-art technology can offer you any shape that you want.

You can make them look square, triangular or something totally unique than your regular shapes. Make sure the shape that you choose compliments well with other elements of the patches such as text, artwork and more.


So, what are you waiting for? Design for the best-looking custom biker club patches by keeping in mind the above enumerated things. Flaunt your cool custom patches with your entire Biker’s gang.