4 Things to Learn About Challenge Coins Before Placing Your Order Online

Placing your order for challenge coins especially custom challenge coins can be daunting for many reasons. Maybe it is your first-time placing order for them or the number of options you get can be overwhelming. This is why knowing a few things about them can help you place your order online.

Challenge coin manufacturers offer a great variety of challenge coins that are of premium quality. But here we have focused today on a few important things that you must learn about challenge coins so that you can order them online perfectly.

So, without further delay, let’s start with the list, shall we?

1.  Doesn’t exactly need to be in a Coin-Shape

Well, just because they are challenge coins, doesn’t mean they have to be in a coin shaped design. Over the years, the design for challenge coins have evolved tremendously and now it comes in all shapes and sizes.

Coin manufacturing companies deliver a variety of shapes along with the classic coin-shaped ones. You can customize the challenge coins to be of any shape as per your liking. Just draw out a rough sketch and the best manufacturing company shall deliver it.

2. Ordering in Bulks Cost You Less

Most coin manufacturing companies offer great discount rates for bulk orders. Also, it makes sense to order in bulk as most challenge coins are used on occasions to distribute among several people.

A single piece of customized challenge coin will definitely cost you more than ordering up in bulk. So, if you have a huge requirement then find the best coin manufacturing companies that offer quality challenge coins at amazing prices for bulk orders.

3. Placing Order for 3D Challenge Coins Makes a Whole Difference

If you want your challenge coins to be appealing and a bit of an edgy then make sure to place an order for 3D challenge coins. These coins make a whole lot of difference and definitely serve the purpose for catchy challenge coins.

3D design makes the central artwork or focal element on the coin pop off, giving them a raised three-dimensional finish. The best coin manufacturers can add more detailing to it for making the coin look absolutely incredible.

4. You Don’t Have to Worry about the Coin Design if You Don’t Have Any

The most intriguing part of placing an order for a customized challenge coin is coming up with a design idea for the coin. But if you don’t have anything in your mind or having difficulty deciding upon a coin design then fret not.

Almost every challenge coin manufacturing company has a team of expert designers and artists that can help you out in the process. Just convey the vision of your design and for what occasion do you want, they’ll come up with a great idea.

Review the design and place your order for them smoothly.


Now that you know the basic info about placing an order for challenge coins online, go ahead and place your order. Keep in mind to find the best challenge coin manufacturers to get premium quality coins.