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4 Gorgeous Wine Room Ideas You Can Use for Your Cellar

When you are planning to create a great wine cellar, you need to focus on climate control and an aesthetically pleasing wine room. When you make up your mind to create a wine cellar or a wine room in your home, you need to ensure that the place always remains in the ideal condition. When you are choosing a place in your home where you can store and showcase your wine collection, you need to create the optimal temperature and humidity there.

Climate Control in Custom Wine Room

When you are planning to hire a reputed firm for your custom wine room designing and building, you need to consider the following factors.

  • You have to opt for full room insulation. This will keep the temperature and the humidity in check. You have to get a good vapor barrier so that your insulation remains right in the wine room.
  • For a wine cellar or a wine room, a wine cellar cooling unit is necessary. It will not only offer the right temperature and humidity but will also absorb the expelled heat.
  • In case the location of the wine room is very dry, you might need a humidifier to maintain the right humidity inside the room too.

Now, as you have some ideas about the primary requirements of a wine cellar, think about the design of the place. Take a look at the following points to get inspired to design stunning wine cellars in Houston in a room.

Simple Wine room with Wine Wall

Simplicity speaks volumes. And when it comes to designing your wine room, a simple wine room design will make your precious collection stand out. That is why you can design the wine room in the simplest way. Create wine walls where the wine bottles will be stacked on wall mounted racks. Make sure that the bottles are placed in a way so that the labels can be easily visible. Choose the right wine room doors as that will not only protect the wine collection but will also add up to the beauty of the room.

Wine Closet

This is another great wine room idea especially if your house has space constraints. Use the closet for storing your wine. The advantage of using your closet is that the place is already tucked inside the house and in a place that is not generally exposed to sunlight and too much foot traffic. As a result, the wine collection will remain in perfect shape. You can choose a glass door with a wooden frame that will provide insulation while showcasing the place in its full glory. Wine cellar designers can offer you the right custom wine cellar doors the way you want.

Underground Wine Room with Secret Doorway

Yes, your staircase surely leads you to the underground wine cellar. But how about creating a bit of mystery to it? You can create a doorway from the room above while choosing the spiral stairs that will lead to the wine room. The place on the floor will be covered with glass custom wine doors. Whenever you have guests and they want a tour of the wine cellar take them through this door and they will be mesmerized by your creativity.

In Kitchen Wine Room

If you have a spacious pantry closet in your kitchen, you can customize it into a wine room. Don’t worry about the temperature and the humidity of the place. You can easily climate control it with the right cooling system and humidifier. The in-kitchen wine room will ensure that you choose your wine every time you are dining with your guests. You can even ask the guests at the time of dinner which wine they would prefer to drink.

So, now as you know about these gorgeous wine room ideas, what are you waiting for? Find the right wine cellar designer and discuss these ideas with them.