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4 Common Mistakes Made by Every Beginner Bodybuilder

Once a hobby, now a trend, ahas increased in popularity in recent years. There are plenty of reasons for building the body like more focus on fitness, increased advertisement of bodybuilding, and fitness posts on social media.

Without a doubt, bodybuilding is a wonderful way to improve your diet and fitness. However, for beginners, it can be daunting and overwhelming. It can be more challenging if you do not have a proper trainer to guide you.

Just like others, if you think bodybuilding is easy, then you are wrong. There is an old saying, “If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

Here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid when starting your bodybuilding journey.

Targeting the Same Muscle for Several Days

The biggest mistakes made by beginners and some expert bodybuilders are having the same workout every day. Yes, I made the same mistake in the beginning. I did bicep curl, bench press, shoulder press, etc. on a daily basis.

You might think that it helps in gaining muscles. Well, this is where you are wrong. In this way, you will lose muscles. Stimulating your body will help you gain muscles. When you do the right exercises, your muscles will tear down. By resting, the muscles will heal and grow.

Rest, Rest, and Rest

It is a quite common and huge mistake made by a lot of people. Resting does not mean sleeping. These are separate issues. Well, of course, it is crucial to have a good night’s sleep, but you need to take days off from your training. If you think training seven days a week is good for your health, you are wrong. It will cause more damage than good.

Your body can take only so much strength training before it asks you to stop. Plateauing and getting sick are some of the signs your body gives you. Many amateurs do not take days off or take just a day off. According to experts, you must at least take two days off. Or you can take a day off in between training sessions. This will give time to your body for recovery.

Using Machines Too Much

Another common mistake is using the machines whenever you hit the gym. Many people stick to the machines to achieve their bodybuilding goals. One thing I learned in my bodybuilding journey was that using just machines will not get you the gain you want.

You will gain more when you start training with free weights. Without a doubt, machines are useful for getting started and understanding the right form. Also, it will help your body get used to lifting weights. You should not solely rely on machines for gaining muscles.

Not Maintaining a Balance

Like other things, bodybuilding, too, requires a balance. From working out too much to not enough, you need to maintain a balanced approach. Likewise, it is important to maintain the balance between using too much steroids and not using at all. Using steroids in more than the prescribed dose can lead to dire circumstances. For the uninitiated, steroids can help a great deal to build, grow and strengthen muscles. This is why most builders tend to rely on them from getting those bulging muscles.

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