The Importance of Making a Good CV

In order to land a job, you have to make the curriculum vitae. Nowadays, recruiters only take an average of 6 seconds to read each of the CV they receive during the screening process. It is then important to submit a resume that is out of the ordinary. It does not mean you should go extravagant or fancy but a little a touch of originality will certainly help you get the recruiter’s attention.

When do You Need a CV?

Depending on the situation and the moment, the reasons whyyou need a CV may differ. For instance, you have to make a cv quickly but efficiently when you apply for a vacant position. You also have to include a resume in your spontaneous application. In this case, you do not know if a position is vacant butyou might really want to work for this company. You also need a good CV when:

  • You want to register with a recruitment firm: to put all the chances on your side to get the job you have always dreamed of!
  • You aim to consolidate your professional network and share your CV with acquaintances.
  • You want to put together a file and apply for certain courses and / or training: to enter certain preparatory classes or major schools, a file with a CV may be necessary.
  • You need to get an internshipand start to gain professional experience!

Is the CV Mandatory?

Of course, there is no specific “law” that requires you to have a CV, but getting a job without having one is almost impossible! Even if someone recommends you to a recruiter, for example, they will likely ask for your CV to get an idea of your background and skills. Creating a good CV is therefore absolutely essential! Also remember to keep your resume up to date so that it always contains your latest professional experiences or training. It is therefore important to always read it before sending it to a recruiter to be sure that you have not forgotten anything!

The Advantages of a Good CV

To be able to land the job of your dreams, writing a clear and effective CV is absolutely essential. Indeed, a good CV sent to recruiters has several advantages. It helps you stand out among the pile of candidates applying for the same position as you. It shows recruiters that you have all the skills and qualities required for the vacant position.