How to Choose between Seedboxes and VPNs

If you find yourself confused between seedboxes and VPNs and don’t know which option to choose then don’t worry because you surely are not the only one in this boat. A lot of torrent users around the world are often faced with this very question and they often have a hard time in figuring out which option is better for them in terms of security and efficiency. Privacy is a bigger issue for torrent users today than it ever has been in the past which means that torrent users are always on the lookout for efficient and private ways of downloading files from the Internet. The two main options are seedboxes and VPNs. In this piece we will see which option is better than the other and which option is better suited for you.

Advantages of Seedboxes

  • Speed factors :- Seedboxes mainly use BitTorrent protocols for peer-to-peer file sharing in digital mediums. In most situations, large digital files are delivered to end users using such BitTorrent protocols. This is the major reason for the high speed of servers. Seedboxes are remote servers which are hosted in data centers that have a high-bandwidth which ranges anywhere between 100Mbps to 10Gbps. This range is considered enough for the downloading and uploading process of torrent files.
  • Privacy Demand :- One of the main benefits of seedboxes is that they are very safe and secured. Torrent users are mainly frustrated by the insecurity of different torrent sites. But when people begin using seedboxes, these problems are completely eliminated. This is because seedboxes avoids data hacking and data breaching by hiding IP addresses from hackers. Regardless of how strong the hacker is, he would simply be unable to recognize the IP address of the remote server.

Benefits of VPN

  • Encrypted Network Solution :- One of the main benefits of VPNs is that they offer an encrypted network solution to their users. If you integrate your server with a VPN then you can avail a very highly secured network for your device. All you need to do is to add encryption to the entire traffic and then your networks (both private and public) will get a lot of security from online threats. This is one of the most important reasons why people still prefer to use VPNs over seedboxes for their servers.
  • Hide IP address :- Just like seedboxes, VPNs also are very efficient in hiding IP addresses from audiences which can end up confusing said audiences from the actual destination of the server.

So Which to Prefer : Seedbox or VPN?

If you happen to be a frequent torrent user then you will surely contemplate which is a better option out of the two. Many people know that the demand and popularity of seedboxes have been growing steadily in the market but they still can’t convince them to make the transition from VPN to cheap seedbox because seedboxes also maintain security and prevent online threats.

Final Verdict :- What Makes Seedboxes Better than VPNs?

Seedboxes have the combination of BitTorrent protocol along with command over privacy which makes their remote server a lot better than VPNs. So instead of just using VPNs, you should instead opt for the top seedbox or you can go for Seedboxes with VPN services for a far better result!