Dr. Paolo Boffetta – How Does Alcohol Increase Your Risks for Cancer

People regard drinking alcoholic beverages like wine, whiskey, vodka, cocktails, beer, and others to be a harmless pastime. However, most of them are unaware that alcohol consumption increases their chances of cancer. All kinds of alcoholic drinks contain ethanol in varying quantities. Whenever they drink liquor, beer, or wine, their bodies convert it into acetaldehyde. This chemical substance genetically damages the deoxyribonucleic acid(DNA) in the cells of their bodies. As a result, they cannot grow, function, and eventually die out in the usual manner. They start growing abnormally, multiplying, and accumulating to form tumors.The abnormal cells then attack the healthy ones as the tumors expand to cause cancer.

Dr. Paolo Boffetta is an internationally acclaimed epidemiologist from Italy. He specializes in cancer research and development. He has 30 years of valuable experience in this area under his belt.His scientific papers reveal significant insights into how various factors lead to the spread of cancer. These include the environment, certain occupations, alcohol consumption, and smoking. He has held important positions in some of the most prestigious cancer research institutes throughout his illustrious career. These are the American Cancer, International Agency for Research on Cancer, Karolinska Institute, and German Cancer Research Center. Currently, he holds the post of Associate Director at the Tisch Cancer Institute in New York.

He explains people who drink excessive alcohol increase their chances of getting cancer in the following ways:

  • Alcohol breaks down into acetaldehyde in their bodies which genetically damages the DNA in their cells,
  • It assists the cells in forming their digestive tracts in absorbing harmful substances such as nicotine,
  • Alcohol disrupts their bodies’ ability to take in essential nutrients like folate to remain healthy,
  • It increases the growth of a hormone known as estrogen in women resulting in breast cancer, and
  • Alcohol adds more calories to their body weight, which increases the risk of getting cancer.

How to prevent cancer resulting from alcohol consumption?

He further clarifies people who cannot give up drinking alcohol should minimize their consumption. This can reduce their chances of acquiring cancer. To do so, they should keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Limit their alcohol intake to less than five beverages in a week,
  • Do not smoke and drinking alcohol at the same time,
  • Eat more green vegetables and fresh fruits containing folate to cut down on their alcohol cravings, and
  • Women should completely avoid drinking alcohol if they are undergoing menopausal hormone treatment.

As put by Dr. Paolo Boffetta excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer. Acetaldehyde in alcohol genetically damages the DNA in cells of their bodies. It stimulates the cells’ ability to absorb harmful substances and reduce the intake of essential nutrients.Fortunately, people can minimize their chances of getting cancer resulting from alcohol consumption. They limit the number of alcoholic beverages they drink per week.

They should consume more green vegetables and fresh fruits to control their alcohol cravings. Women undergoing menopausal hormone treatment should avoid drinking alcohol on their doctors’ recommendations to prevent cancer.